I have been traveling from my home base in Colorado to remote parts of the world for 10 years, passionately photographing the people and my experiences in personal images. In 2013, I turned my focus to humanitarian photography with an intent of leveraging this visual medium along with my healthcare expertise in children's issues, national and international health trends, hospital administration, teaching and nursing to enact positive social change for at-risk and vulnerable people worldwide.

I am totally in the moment when I lift a camera to my face – seeing the world's beauty and diversity one frame at a time. I love interacting with people across the US and in foreign lands - recognizing our uniqueness while celebrating the universal language of a smile and human kindness. By sharing my select travel galleries with you, I hope to awaken your sense of wonder and trigger a greater appreciation of diverse lands, people, and perspectives - tapping into the awareness that our world is indeed a very precious place, with every individual having worth.

Please contact me to discuss how I could serve your organization through compelling documentary images that tell the story of your programs, services and most importantly, your impact.